Elevating human-robot


At a glance

We will  transform our industry by pushing boundaries and challenging what is now the world’s perception of robots. Our ambition is to have a great impact on society, by designing a robotic and digital experience to the highest level and operating according to the best ethical and moral principles.

What a robot could do for you?

Companies want to digitally transform their businesses to better address ever-changing markets, supply chains and needs. They seek process efficiency, waste reduction, maximum product quality, employee satisfaction and productivity by making people do what they do best: Alto wants to be the answer.

By combining robot fleets, data, personalized content and services, Alto delivers consulting, advisorship and training on top of scalable packages so each RaaS can be correctly configurated to best respond to the organization’s needs and so that no one is left behind in the organizational transition.

What we will do in the next days


Our team has a longstanding experience in transforming technological innovation into unique products and services, driven by a human-centered approach and deep understanding of human needs – from logistics, to healthcare to consumer products.

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    Jody Saglia


    Stefano D’Angella


    Sara Bellini



Alto Robotics is a company backed by Cysero Fund, key player in investing in start-ups and innovative SMEs to develop the Italian hub of robotics and cybersecurity