Our manifesto

Why we created Alto Robotics, what goals we want to achieve, and, most importantly, how and for whom



Go to the highest

We want to reach the highest point in everything we do

We will  transform our industry by pushing boundaries and challenging what is now the world’s perception of robots. Our ambition is to have a great impact on society, by designing a robotic and digital experience to the highest level and operating according to the best ethical and moral principles.


Strong impact

Our goal is to create value for the entire society

We are not here to simply build a new robot, but much more.
We are committed to create responsible robotic solutions that meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's people, through a virtuous ecosystem that adds value to the entire human value chain.


Trust the change

We’re sure you can get more out of robots

By creating a human-robot experience based on human empowerment, insights and respect for privacy we want for robots to become active contributers to a richer and smarter way of working and living.


Be a people leader

We think real change is made by people with a strong focus

Ours is a team effort, fueled by common passions. This is why collaboration, knowledge building and collective responsibility are key for us. Our accomplishments belong to all team members, colleagues and the partners who work with us.


Be ambitious

Our expertise guides us on how to do better

We want to engage decision makers, technicians and users of Robot-as-a-service solutions, through long-term innovation. To do this, we are continuously adding to our team peoplewith immense experience in the sector and who want to achieve important results together.