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We can pilot together to understand how Alto technology can impact your business


Still in time to pilot!

New technological solutions are exciting but complex to understand if they will address your needs and be accepted.
We propose different pilot programs for 2024 so all companies can test functionalities and uses cases with Alto to shorten the gap between “could be” and “will be”.


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Who is piloting

Terenzi Group

Terenzi Group is an innovator in product industrialization for both metals and plastics. They are expert in translating the uniqueness of these materials in infinite products with the highest quality standards. With them we are working on a  POC for quality and transportation.

CBS s.r.l. is specialized in the processing of metallic materials: laser cutting, bending, welding and finishing. They also construct components for pharma, design and industrial products. With them we are working on POCs for Inventory Management, Inbound and Transportation.

CBS srl