A tomorrow powered by robotics-based intelligence


ALTO offers customized solutions developed around robotics and artificial intelligence to bring its customers the tools and knowledge to secure the most important things – people, data, assets, contexts.


The project stems from a higher vision of robots, and from the belief that we have not yet explored the potential of advanced technologies to truly support and help evolve human activities. Robots will never replace humans, but they must be orchestrated around the user experience to bring a greater contribution, to become a tool with higher impact.

Value for the
human value

In most contexts robots are seen as physical products detached from our daily experience - either too far away, advanced, complex, or something that replaces in the hardest or most repetitive jobs and therefore of low value. Or worse, like fashionable accessories, on a par with the latest tech fad.
This is because they are not integrated and do not enable additional value to the human experience. Something that man cannot benefit enough from in order to generate trust.

In our
daily life

The more robots enter our work and daily lives, the more we will expect from them – and the more we will get from them if designed wisely. As much as the behavioural and social transformation triggered by the evolution of mobile phones and all those mechanical and technological solutions that have changed our way of doing and our perception of how things must be.

you can

The real challenge is to consciously manage this natural trajectory to continuously adjust to human needs - both for a software and hardware point of view. To be sure of the ethical, responsible and positive impact of the robotic solutions implemented for humans and for the planet. The context of complexity that is the reality in which we find ourselves must be integrated into a growth process with a positive impact, so that we create useful, relevant solutions that can be trusted and with real benefit.