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To create an effective interaction between humans and robots, a continuum of understanding - action must be created. To encourage adoption, this continuum must evolve according to the behavioral evolutions of the human, favoring first knowledge, then mutual growth. Just like when two people get to know each other. The more natural, fluid and simpler, the better.

New ways of

Not only attention in the choice of suppliers and lifecycle design, but also thanks to data and behavioral design, the possibility of triggering more respectful human behaviors towards consumption and towards important social issues such as integration, safety and purposefulness. Our challenge is that of a new ikigai for robotics.

New ways of

Autonomous technology that replaces humans is not a democratic and scalable solution for humanity. It is never the choice of the end user and it’s intention is not that of fostering a reciprocal relationship. There is therefore room, as in many other forms of technology, to make robotics solutions humanized so they are better accepted and integrated into everyday productivity.

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The richness of data and continuous improvement of processes provides a context of high complexity. Learning and adopting technology cannot be a barrier, instead it must be a solution that can be adaptable in time to build confidence in decision-making and skills that allow businesses to be more resilient in time.