where you need it,
how you need it

Robotics and AI that is easy to integrate in your production from day one


Why is node different?

node works for you

Thanks to its easy configurator, it can move things as well as information whenever and wherever you need to - with no training. You can monitor its missions remotely via a wearable or web dashboard.

node works with you

It can be your comfortable digital work-station where you can access everything need - tools as well as checklists or documentation. It can also move with you to follow you where you most need a hand.

node works for the organization

It can be used on floor or remotely, to build recurring missions or planned tasks. It runs autonomously or teleoperated so it can build for the business the data that is needed, when it is need.   

node is safe and relational

Its omnidirectional capabilities and unique wheels allows it to work seamlessly in highly complex contexts, indoor as well as outdoor, with the highest security features. It also communicates with people through its lighting system which to create a truly collaborative workforce.